PM launches master plan for multimodal connectivity


Prime Minister Narendra Modi would launch a national master plan for multimodal connectivity called PM GatiShakti on Wednesday, the prime minister’s office said on Tuesday.

PMO said that infrastructure development has faced many challenges for decades, such as lack of coordination between departments, which has led several agencies to dig roads for laying cables, pipelines, etc.

“This has not only caused great inconvenience, but has also been an unnecessary expense… Prime Minister GatiShakti will tackle the problems of the past by institutionalizing holistic planning for stakeholders of large infrastructure projects. ”

Infrastructure plans would be designed and executed with a common vision, instead of being developed in silos, he said. The master plan would cover the projects of many ministries and state governments like Bharatmala, Sagarmala, inland waterways, dry / land ports, UDAN, textile clusters, pharmaceutical clusters, defense corridors, electronic parks, industrial corridors, fishing clusters and agricultural areas.

The movement of people and goods would be made transparent with the multimodal connectivity envisioned in the master plan, he said.

“PM GatiShakti will provide the public and the business community with information on upcoming connectivity projects, other business centers, industrial areas and the surrounding environment. This will allow investors to plan their activities in suitable locations, which will improve synergies. This will create multiple job opportunities and boost the economy.

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