Priest and martyr of the faith: the cause for the beatification of Father Ragheed Ganni

Threats against Fr. Ragheed continued because of his various activities with young people in the Church. His ministry angered terrorist groups in Mosul and death threats began to emerge.

On the third Sunday of June 2007, the terrorists arrested him after celebrating the Divine Liturgy with three deacons: Basman Yusef Daoud, Waheed Hanna Isho and Ghassan Essam Bidawid. At that time, the terrorists asked him, “Weren’t you asked not to open the church for prayer?” He replied, “How can I close the House of God from the face of worshippers?”

These are the last words spoken by Father Ragheed Ganni, a few days before he became a martyr for Christ and his Church.

Father Ganni’s Last Prayer

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Father Ragheed Ganni realized that the Islamic terrorists would not let him live, given his disobedience to their orders and his continued celebration of the liturgy in Mosul, so he wrote his last prayer on October 12, 2006:

“Lord, I don’t think they’ll look at my prayer

Even though it was a pessimistic prayer, everyone knew me as an optimist.

And maybe, for a moment, they forgot. They wondered why I was so optimistic,

They saw me smiling, braver and stronger in the most difficult situations.

But, when they remember the hard times I’ve been through,

and the trials that I have been through,

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Those who showed how weak I am and how capable you are

You revealed how fragile I am and how strong you are,

They will know that I, my hope, have always talked about you

Because I knew you and you were the reason for my optimism

Even when I knew my death was near,

But let me be with you now,

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