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By Ray Nothstine

AAs political conflicts escalate and people are increasingly turned aside for their opinions, the reality of Christmas should anchor us to deeper truths.

In our hyper-politicized culture and our anxiety today, Christmas is often diminished. One of the goals of our culture wars is to put Christmas aside, to make more room for politicized agendas that divide and tear us apart.

Religion, and especially Christianity, reminds people that there are areas much higher and more important than politics and government. Ideologues hate and rage against this truth. They want the focus to remain solely on the kingdoms of the world so that they can usher in their perceived political kingdom – better known today as tyrannies. Simply put, they want individuals to worship a messy world above the Lord.

Yet whether ideologues realize it or not, Christmas will never be canceled. Even though people stopped celebrating Christmas and the birth of the Lord, the scriptures proclaim that “if they are silent, the stones will cry.” (Luke 19:40) Why? Ultimately, everything is under God’s design, and creation speaks of this truth whether we recognize it or not.

Sadly, confusion and false teachings have infected many Christian churches today. A few years ago, a study found that 78% of evangelical Christians believe that Jesus was the first created being of God. Of course, this is the 3rd century Arian heresy, which denies the eternal nature of Christ.

While Christmas can never be canceled, it is essential that we understand what it means. The Incarnation and the pre-existence of our Lord are everything.

There is a great quote that showcases the beauty of the Christmas season and our Christmas carols.

“It is extraordinary how much this sense of the manger paradox has been lost by brilliant and resourceful theologians, and how much it has been preserved in Christmas carols,” said English writer GK Chesterton. “They, at least, never forgot that the gist of the story they had to tell was that the Absolute once ruled the universe from a cattle stall.

How amazing is the Incarnation? Protestant reformer Martin Luther noted that angels are envious of humans because Christmas means we share the same flesh and blood with Jesus. There will never be a time, never again, when Jesus will not be fully human. Surprisingly, this means that mankind is now united with Godhead… forever.

Emmanuel or “God with us” is truly the greatest story ever told.

Another great line comes from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. He said, “‘Maybe Christmas,’ he thought, ‘isn’t from a store.’ Maybe Christmas… maybe… means a little more. “

While cranky people or even politicized automatons can’t cancel Christmas, they want to rob you of your joy and prevent you from pursuing the highest truths. Christmas is a great reminder that their efforts are ultimately futile.

Merry Christmas!

Ray Nothstine is an opinion writer for the Carolina Journal and associate researcher on Second Amendment issues at the John Locke Foundation. This column first appeared in the Carolina Journal.

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