RCS New Bern provides food, clothing and shelter to needy residents


A year ago, four New Bern nonprofits shared more than $ 20,000 in regional money from the Gannett Foundation’s annual A Community Thrives grant and crowdfunding program.

Gannett is the owner of The Sun Journal in New Bern.

Religious community services topped the list, receiving $ 10,000, which kicked off a new outpost food distribution program. It fed more than 700 additional needy rural families in three counties, going beyond its main distribution on George Street in New Bern.

The A Community Thrives program returns this year, with a deadline to apply on June 30 and RCS plans to seek funding again to expand food distribution in Craven, Jones and Pamlico counties.

“In addition to the more than 700 families, we were able to follow almost 60 families with other encompassing services in rural areas,” said Zeb Hough, executive director of RCS. “Some of these families have never even heard of religious community services, so the opportunity to get out into the rural areas of the three counties has been invaluable.”

In addition to the $ 10,000 grant, RCS also raised $ 6,000 as part of its qualifying efforts through Mighty Cause.

The weekly food distribution varies and is also dependent on resources such as the food bank and non-perishable food donations from the public.

“We always try to pack the boxes with both the location where we distribute and the intention to feed families with full meals in mind,” he said.

In addition, in summer for example, items that children would normally get in school are included.

The partnership with the Food Bank has also enabled RCS to provide boxes of products; and partnerships with local grocery stores add other items.

“We are serving a population that we would not be able to reach otherwise,” Hough added.

A thriving community in 2020 in New Bern

Along with RCS, other 2020 zone grants included $ 5,000 for Tried by Fire and $ 2,500 each for New Bern Civic Theater and Autismazing Corporation.

After:Minorities, sick, needy on help list for special fundraising efforts

After:Gannett Foundation Grants Help New Bern Nonprofits Thrive

Other local nonprofits that applied last year included the Craven Arts Council, ENC Urban Young Professionals, Colonial Capital Humane Society, Carrie on NC, and the Craven Literacy Council.

Group winners raised minimum amounts for their special projects.

How a thriving community works

The Gannett Foundation is maximizing the impact of the program through a partnership with the Mighty Cause fundraising platform.

There is a one-month submission period, which runs until the end of June, and a four-week crowdfunding period which runs from July 19 to August 13. Grant recipients will be named at the end of September.

Submit an application through Gannett’s affiliate Mighty Cause site at


More information is also available at https://www.gannettfoundation.org/act/ or https://www.instrumentl.com/grants/a-community-thrives-act-program

Last year, Gannett provided more than $ 2 million in grants nationwide and helped participating nonprofits raise more than $ 3 million by making better use of social channels.

Here’s how it works: Participating nonprofits, in addition to municipal programs or entities, libraries and public schools, can submit their requests to participate through our Mighty Cause affiliate site.

The Gannett Foundation and A Community Thrives will then review and award 16 National Project Grants (three grants of $ 100,000; seven grants of $ 50,000; six grants of $ 25,000); Over 100 local operating grants (amounts vary; applicants who provide services in local Gannett communities and meet eligibility criteria are considered); Six Top Fundraiser Grants (three large national nonprofits, three small nonprofits); Thirty-two Weekly Bonus Challenge rewards.

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