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It was during the first Scottish lockdown in April 2020 that the Scottish Laity Network began to reflect on the future of the Church after a period of pandemic and how this relates to our foundational vision of enabling lay people in Scotland to come together as disciples of Jesus, and through prayer, dialogue and discernment find “new ways” of being Church in Scotland in the 21st century.

Rooted in prayer, we have felt the inspiration of the Spirit encouraging us to embrace the key dimensions of synodality that Pope Francis has identified:

Listen: which ‘is more than just listening’… .. ‘mutual listening in which everyone has something to learn.’

Discernment: ‘all listening to one another, and all listening to the Holy Spirit, “the Spirit of truth”.

In May 2020, we then embarked on a first journey of discernment which, prompted by the Spirit, resulted in a number of other events which ended in May 2021 with our Pentecostal “An Bestowal” retreat. empowerment, ”which focused on empowering the Spirit to breathe. in us to “shape a vision for the future, a vision that points to new paths and gives us strength for the most difficult times.”

It has been a very exciting and empowering “synodal journey” that we have taken and comments from participants indicated that people have felt both assertive and challenged in their desire to become more genuine disciples of Jesus. Our journey has shown the need for us to deepen our understanding and practice of synodality and its fundamental components of listening and discernment. To help us do that, we have organized a series of events – Towards a Synodal Church – that we believe that we can make a positive contribution in Scotland to the next world synodal process which will begin in October and we warmly invite everyone to participate.

It is a Kairos time for the Universal Church. Because finally, at the conclusion of the Synod in 2023, the Pope should be able to proclaim without hesitation the fruits of the Synod as having been decided by the Holy Spirit and all the People of God.


Thursday August 26 The Synodal Church – A Kairos Time

Massimo Faggioli, professor in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at Villanova University, Philadelphia. Massimo was a companion on our 2020 Discernment Trip.

saturday 4September synodality in practice

Brian Grogan SJ, well-known author and spiritual director, will facilitate a practical exploration of a synodal way of listening and discerning.

Thursday September 9Synodality and women

Phyllis Zagano is an internationally renowned Catholic scholar who has lectured in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Her pioneering work on women in the diaconate led to her appointment to the Pontifical Commission for the Study of the Deaconate of Women in 2016.

Saturday September 25 – Where now for SLN?

Brian Grogan SJ will lead a listening and discernment exercise that will seek to establish our priorities and the way forward for the years to come.

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