Seismometer installed in the village of Gadikeshwar affected by tremors


Noting the frequent earthquakes that have hit some villages in Kalaburagi district over the past two weeks, a team of scientists from the National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI) visited the area and provided an update on the situation. situation.

The team included seismologists Suresh and Shashidhar from NGRI and Ramesh and Abhinaya from the Karnataka State Disaster Management Authority. Associate scientist Anaveerappa Biradar from the Sharan Sirasagi Seismic Center in Kalaburagi was also present.

When the scientists were at Gadikeshwar in Chincholi taluk, which reported more damage than other villages, the area experienced another slight tremor, the intensity of which the scientists said was less than 1.0 magnitude on the scale of Richter.

Scientists then installed a seismometer as a temporary device at Gadikeshwar to record the movement of the ground during an earthquake. They said the instrument would record the movement of the earth during an earthquake and send the information directly to the NGRI headquarters in Hyderabad. The data, the scientists said, will help decide what action to take. They informed the local authorities present on the site of the operation of the seismometer and organized a demonstration.

Kalaburagi Lok Sabha member Umesh Jadhav and Sedam Rajkumar MP Patil Telkur spent a night in Gadikeshwar on Saturday to instill confidence in the villagers who were frightened by the frequent shaking. Dr Jadhav said he heard a loud sound coming from the earth around 4 a.m. on Sunday.

As part of a confidence-building measure, Kalaburagi deputy commissioner Vijaya Jyothsna stayed in Hosalli (H) on Saturday, another village affected by the Kalagi taluk tremors, as part of her regular stay program in the town.

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