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Powerful spiritual principles can easily be implemented with conscious effort.

The three A’s are awareness, acceptability and action. At the top of the mindset scale are presence, gratitude, discipline, and service. If you spend your time enriching these states, you will find happiness and joy in the simplest encounters. These established ideals are widely used in psychology and coaching because of their effects on the brain and emotions.


To be grateful you must see the truth, that you are a divine creature of awesome splendor. Gratitude is a hot topic for good reason. It is a supreme life tool worthy of its status for developing advantageous attitudes. This is undoubtedly a central point of view to be favored in order to live in joy. Gratitude makes us happy. It emphasizes what is good. Gratitude is the opposite of self-pity and yet can give you a richer perspective from which to view life. Positive attention is vital for positive development in all areas. Gratitude is both free and valuable, making it a gift of the highest quality.

you are alive NOW

Presence is the art of living in the present. It’s as simple as being aware of what you’re doing, all the time. There are practical techniques like mindfulness that can guide us and enhance our understanding. Being present can help you work through difficult issues like forgiveness and the unmanageable. The desire to live fully in the present can help you escape painful pasts. Stepping into presence will prevent you from projecting false ideals and fanciful expectations about the future. Living in real time is more rewarding and deeply healing.

Presence is about responding to life in the moment rather than our negative programming. It is not a question of avoiding difficult moments and situations, but of being aware of acting in the realm of the present moment. Tomorrow does not exist. Yesterday is over. Only in presence can you learn to live fully and happily.

Discipline is freedom

Discipline is central to spirituality. As you become more conscious and awake, the Universe requires continuous updating. Similar to going to the gym, you cannot stop after 6 months and expect to maintain your fitness. It needs attention and action. In Spiritual fitness, you improve your knowledge and collect practical tools. Personal and spiritual development has no endgame. It is the total evolution of you and your whole life and deserves interest and commitment.

Discipline equals freedom. Unruly minds and bodies eventually suffer serious consequences. Know that your spirit remains wild and free, discipline is just a practice to escape suffering and nurture your growth. It doesn’t have to be boring or strenuous. Instead, I urge you to fill your life with things you love to do and have fun. Learn to understand that the answer lies in a balance somewhere between discipline and fun.

Service; but isn’t that all about me?

Living selflessly helps transform our attitude, our self-esteem and our position on Earth.

Service is gratitude in action. Do we really believe that we can live an abundant life without giving back? This is the greatest evil in modern society. Giving is so enjoyable that we miss out on true joy when we are motivated by a selfish existence.

Having a usefulness mentality means that you don’t pursue external things to define your happiness. You don’t spend your thoughts following what you want but rather what you can bring. So much misery is created by our unmet expectations of what life should be like and what we think we are entitled to. These are painful paradigms. If your goal is to be useful, you will always be happy because you control what you give. Your happiness can depend on your generosity of spirit, which is quite rewarding. That doesn’t mean we can’t receive a great abundance, or that we shouldn’t enjoy it, because we should.

By including service in your life, it will lead you to a channel of positivity and personal expansion. Karmic law is real. What you do becomes who you are and what you receive. Service opens your heart. Once you live in accordance with loving giving, you will receive better as grace is drawn to you. Love and kindness do not have to be returned immediately or in the way you expect them to be. Keeping your heart open is key. When we close the heart, we attract others with closed hearts, resulting in a cycle of charged resentment and trauma. Give and love freely. Let go of what is not meant for you, with love, and learn to receive without reserve or expectation. If you can do this, you will know peace and joy.


Fundamentally, mindfulness is a practical practice that includes gratitude, presence, and discipline. If you haven’t heard of mindfulness, you must have lived on the moon, and even from there the message landed. This method can be used to get happy quickly and to treat anxiety, stress and depression. It also supports addiction recovery and physical pain relief.

A pioneer, Jon Kabat Zinn introduced the ancient technique popularly known as Mindfulness into modern medicine in the 1970s. He revamped the language and made it more acceptable to Western ideology. The treatment has proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of serious illnesses. There are many avenues for mindfulness, but the theory is always to live absolutely, wholeheartedly in the moment.

Mindfulness is not just a meditation but a way of living that surpasses all other techniques because its purpose is simply to be alive and to notice that you are. It is free and accessible to all human beings without prejudice, but undeniably requires work. Knowledge is never enough for true transformation to hold, rather it is the beginning and the foundation of a higher life. We must act and work to get out of our heads and into our lives.

Best mindfulness advice:

Going into nature is a fun way to practice mindfulness. Engage in the sensory experience of natural beauty. Go out and say “look what the universe has done”. Nature can help us cultivate humility and appreciation for the majesty of Mother Nature, elevating life from mundane to spectacular. Finding the beauty in all things enriches the psyche, and you spend more time noticing the good, improving the mindset, and engaging with your heart rather than the critical mind.

Gratitude, presence and discipline combined will create a paradigm shift that will have transformational results. Remember this is progress, not perfection and you can’t fail. Intention is the most important component of universal law, so action with good intention is a warrior attitude. Most importantly, enjoy the ride… IT’S EPIC!

I love Amanda

Amanda Lennon – My philosophy is to do good and have fun.

My goal is to be happy and useful. I help people overcome self-sabotage and low self-esteem and connect with joy, purpose and meaning. Contact me at ASK AMANDA.

Email: [email protected]

Amanda is a personal development coach who helps people overcome their internal problems.

• She has programs for self-sabotage, self-love, healthy mind and body, and inner child healing (trauma aware).

• She specializes in addiction and spiritual freedom.

• She recovered from chronic addiction, eating disorders and overcame trauma.

• She is a journalist (MA), historian (BA), amateur theologian and yogi. She loves wild swimming and thinks life is one glorious bumpy adventure.

• She wants to share with people how she overcame misery by integrating spiritual principles to live in peace, joy and servitude.

• She believes that spiritual principles are essential for modern lifestyles and fully compatible with contemporary society.

• Rebellious and seeker of knowledge, she has learned to live in harmony with all of creation and continues to learn.

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