Spiritual training office working to enhance the experience of appropriate application


This semester, the Spiritual Formation Office adopted a new application for chapel points called Fits. This app replaced Involvio, called ACU Connect. So far, Appropriate has had much more positive feedback than ACU Connect, but there are a number of minor issues that Spiritual Formation continues to work on.

When Involvio was used, the promised results were ultimately entirely different from the actual results. The issues weren’t necessarily with the Involvio app, but the way Banner and ACU Connect transferred information. The chapel credits appeared weeks later and left a great workload for the spiritual formation office.

Not only did this leave the Spiritual Training Office with a heavy workload, it also left the students unhappy.

Fits had similar problems but not to the same extent. The spiritual formation office was promised that the chapel points would be loaded in a few hours, but the reality is actually a few days simply because of the large number of small group chapels offered.

“At some events it has been slower due to the amount of spiritual training programs we are doing,” said Cyrus Eaton, director of spiritual training. “It increased part of that time to a day or more.”

Returning students have been positive about how long it takes to process chapel points as it is such an improvement over previous semesters. However, students encountered other issues with Appropriate.

Abby Ramsbottom, a sophomore pre-occupational therapy student at Grapevine, said switching apps has seen some bright spots.

“It’s nice that you can see where all the chapels are on the app,” Ramsbottom said.

The spiritual training office continues to improve the effectiveness of the way Banner works with Appropriate.

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