Stop exploiting couples with infertility issues – Rev. Mantis

Joseph Obiri Yeboah Mante, moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana

The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG), The Rt Rev. Teacher. Joseph Obiri Yeboah Mante, warned pastors against exploiting couples with infertility issues.

He also advised couples to go to hospital when facing infertility issues as they seek God’s help.

Reverend Professor Mante, in an interview with the Ghanaian Times in Accra, said yesterday that some pastors are destroying the marriages of couples who approach them for solutions to their infertility problems.

“Some of these pastors, who claim to have spiritual powers to help couples have their own children, use social media or their own TV channels to deceive vulnerable couples, who need their own biological children,” a- he declared.

Rt. Reverend Mante said, “The idea that every woman or every couple should have children is the first deception, therefore, society should refrain from pressuring couples to have children” .

He noted that “some people think that having children equals femininity, and that is inherently wrong. There are many things women can do besides having children. Even there are so many people who have given birth and cannot take care of their children anyway.

“Infertility issues are very sensitive, I want to plead with Reverend Ministers that the work we are doing is to help people and improve their lives. If our work tends to become abusive then we must stop. I I have seen photos and videos on social media of women asking pastors for help, but these pastors end up having sex with them, all in the name of spiritual work on them,” said Rt Rev.Mante.

“The same God who tells us to avoid adulation, fornication and lust is not a God who sent pastors to go and see the nakedness of people’s wives, otherwise we contradict God,” he said. he says.

Rt. Reverend Mante reminded religious leaders that not all cases of infertility were spiritual, adding that “God has given doctors the knowledge to treat us whenever we are sick, infertility is another type of disease, so let’s visit them for treatment.”

According to him, pastors should transform lives by spreading the gospel and not create problems for people.

Reverend Professor Mante said that although motherhood is a blessing from God, pastors should not use it to abuse couples.

He said that “if these pastors do not repent, God will treat them seriously because they dishonor the Christian faith”.

Rt. Rev. Professor Mante called on couples to support each other in times of infertility, without blaming each other.

“There are so many men who cannot impregnate their wives due to low sperm count, motility and ejection of sperm, therefore, it is not the only fault of women when it comes to fertility. ‘infertility,’ he said.

Rt. Rev. Prof. Mante said infertility education programs should be championed by society leaders.

“As faith leaders, we need to challenge the stigma of infertility rather than blaming these issues on spirituality and dairy couples in an effort to help them,” he said.

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