TAC asks BBMP to prepare for the third wave

Concerned about a steady rise in the number of coronavirus cases in Bangalore over the past 10 days, the state’s COVID-19 Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has recommended a comprehensive action plan for Bangalore.

The TAC, which held its 144th meeting on Wednesday after 400 cases were reported in Bengaluru, noted the situation is concerning as there is a surge of cases in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bengaluru. “Based on the previous experience of the two waves in Karnataka, the surge case in Bengaluru / Karnataka was preceded by the surge in Mumbai / Maharashtra,” the TAC report pointed out.

TAC sources said The hindu that the BBMP has been urged to prepare for an impending third wave which is expected by January-February. “We expect Omicron to take control of Delta and dominate Wave 3. Against this background, we recommended that the BBMP keep hospitals ready (in terms of facilities, supplies and manpower). work formed) and to set up / reactivate COVID care centers (CCCs). This is mainly because Omicron infections are known to be milder and a majority of infected people may not have need hospital beds, ”said a TAC member.

According to the TAC report, well-equipped CCCs, when they are ready on time, will decongest hospitals. “This will avoid a situation similar to a second wave when there has been an influx of mildly and moderately infected patients into hospitals, thereby depriving critical patients of hospital beds,” sources said.

“Some may prefer CACs and many may need to be transferred to CACs due to lack of home facilities. As Omicron is highly contagious, home isolation should be the last option and can only be allowed for those with facilities and “caregivers” as assessed by the triage team. All patients in isolation at home should be strictly remotely monitored, ”said sources citing the TAC report.

“We recommended that walk-in visits not be allowed in hospitals and that all patients be mandatorily screened by the BBMP. International travelers, who test positive at the airport, should be transferred to the designated Omicron facility at Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital and identify the private hospitals of their choice, ”sources said.

BBMP (Health) special commissioner KV Trilok Chandra said the BBMP plans to set up a CCC in each assembly constituency. “We have already put in place a physical triage and teletriage system and have stepped up surveillance measures. We also have mobile triage teams in each department, ”he said.

CN Manjunath, nodal lab and testing manager on the state’s COVID-19 task force, said the increase in the number is a clear indication that the third wave is starting in the state. “Tracing aggressive contacts, maintaining current test levels of one lakh and above, and strictly enforcing COVID prevention measures and protocols at all boarding schools, hostels, apartments, shopping malls and other overcrowded places should be carried out, ”he said.

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