“Take care of your health by taking care of the planet”

Experts urge people to plant more trees and reduce reliance on motorized vehicles

Experts urge people to plant more trees and reduce reliance on motorized vehicles

Stressing that there is a link between the health of the planet and that of people, “people’s doctor” Kurapati Sudhakar on Thursday stressed the need to live in harmony with nature and called for collective efforts to reduce pollution.

Leading the 72nd World Health Day celebrations at PVRMB High School in Ongole on Thursday, the 50-year-old doctor cited WHO estimates and said more than 13 million people die each year due to preventable environmental causes.

After distributing bicycles to public school students in Ram Nagar here to reduce the dropout rate among them, the town’s renowned ENT specialist, who has cycled to his clinic on Kurnool Road every day for 12 years , said the climate crisis poses a serious threat to the health of humanity.

“It’s not just the sedentary lifestyle that’s harmful to people. It should be understood that the quality of air and water also have a negative impact on our health,” Dr Sudhkar said referring to reports of how air pollution has accentuated respiratory problems. in asthma patients and has also caused lung cancer.

Our responsibility does not end with the planting of young trees. Care must also be taken to feed them, said the cyclist-doctor, who has transformed the Mamaidpalem area on the outskirts of the city into a mini-forest by planting more than 500 mixed species of young trees.

Speaking at a medical camp organized by the Society for Training and Promotion of Employment here on this occasion, STEP director Ravikumar said: “The health of our planet affects ours a lot.

He urged the assembled people to contribute their mite to protect the environment. By reducing reliance on motorized vehicles, they could not only save on fuel expenses, but also help improve air quality.

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