The Cobra Kai Dojo you belong to based on your zodiac sign

Basically, most Aries – those born between March 21 and April 19 – want to be tough guys. Doing exciting things, being ahead of the pack, jumping into situations without fear or inhibition, these are Aries intrinsic desires. The first fire sign of the zodiac is fiercely competitive, but not at the expense of remaining loyal and caring to friends and allies. This is exactly the balance that Johnny cultivates after leaving Cobra Kai and founding Eagle Fang Karate.

Johnny’s approach to teaching and the core philosophy at the center of his dojo beautifully reflects Aries’ core desires: to be the best, embrace their fiery spirit, and, above all, do cool things. Miguel Diaz, Johnny’s first and best student, perfectly embodies these qualities. Although he is incredibly brave and considerate, Miguel can always give in to outbursts of passion and truly enjoys having a good time. Even Eagle Fang’s outdoor dojo fits in well with Aries’ adventurous demeanor, and the camaraderie among Johnny’s students is sure to ease the sign’s social itch. If you are Aries looking for a karate dojo in the world of Cobra Kai, then Eagle Fang is for you.

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