The NCTP takes note of an article on Santhi Soundarajan


Gopi Shankar Madurai, the southern regional representative of the National Council for Transgender People (NCTP), a statutory authority under the Union’s Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, took suo motu knowledge of a “discriminatory and interphobic” Tamil magazine article against Santhi Soundarajan, recipient of several medals at various international sporting events, who is currently a coach at the Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu (SDATN).

The NCTP has requested a formal complaint from Santhi Soundarajan. She emailed the complaint against Tamil magazine and athletics trainer Rajan Abraham who she said had repeatedly harassed her on the basis of her gender identity and caste.

The athlete, who belongs to a listed caste community and is from Pudukottai district, sent the complaint Tuesday to the NCTP, which deals with the grievances of intersex and gender non-conforming people and takes suo motu knowledge of their grievances.

“We received the complaint by email from Santhi Soundarajan on Tuesday evening, and the NCTP has taken note of it and will seek an explanation from Rajan Abraham, the Tamil magazine and the journalist who wrote the article,” Gopi Shankar said. The Hindu Wednesday. The article was “highly discriminatory and interphobic in nature,” he added.

In his complaint, the athlete alleged repeated gender and caste-based harassment by his colleague Rajan Abraham, adding that he also gave interviews against his gender identity to the media, colleagues and interns. . She also complained that he was preventing her from carrying out his official duties and that his comments had affected members of his family.

She sought protection for herself in the complaint she made to the NCTP. Rajan Abraham, in a recent interview with Tamil magazine, made remarks legitimizing the gender test on Santhi, which was ruled unscientific by the Court of Arbitration for Sport in 2015, Gopi Shankar said.

The NCTP would file a criminal defamation complaint if it did not receive responses within 30 days, he said. The organization would assemble an investigative team to investigate Santhi’s complaint and take appropriate action based on the report after inquiring with her and Rajan Abraham.

“We are not treating it as an isolated case, but as an attack on female athletes with diverse sexual characteristics,” said Gopi Shankar.

Santhi had, in September 2018, filed a harassment complaint against a male colleague, alleging that he had made castist remarks and made fun of his gender.

She also filed a complaint with the National Commission of Scheduled Castes, the National Commission for Human Rights and the National Commission for Women, Gopi Shankar said.

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