These Indian Baby Names Are Inspired By Hindu Theology, Popular Culture And More


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I have three children but 11 names for them because each of them has about three nicknames assigned by different family members. Do we really call them by the names given to them at birth? Not that much. And yet, choosing a baby name is a decision that parents often have to make and debate for months.

My husband and I scoured the internet for name inspiration for my son. And ironically enough, I found it offline. If you’re looking for an Indian baby boy name, I’ve shared my research to help you get started.

You might have a list of naming criteria similar to mine if you are the parent of American Indian children like me. I was looking for a name that was easy to pronounce, that sounded both American and ethnic, and that made sense. Not all of the names in this list below meet these criteria, but they are the most popular Indian baby boy names of 2021.

As well as referring to the Social Security Administration (SSA), which provides a list of the 1000 best baby names, this list was also curated from a few hidden gems that I looked for when searching for the name of my son: small businesses that sell South Asian inspired products. personalized baby products with first names. These included Modi Toys, the plush toy maker chanting mantras; Son Sun & Stars Co., which sells personalized minky blankets and Creative and clever mom, which provides personalized rakhis for Raksha Bandhan. As you browse through these Indian baby names, you might notice that many of them fall into one of three categories of inspiration: Hindu theology, Bollywood movies, and popular culture.

Keep in mind that no matter how many lists you go through and what name you give your child, you will likely call them something other than that. Believe me.

Indian baby names inspired by Hindu theology

Given the large number of gods and goddesses in Hinduism – and each deity with multiple alternate names – there is no shortage of inspiration here.

  • Arjun

  • At M

  • Ishan

  • Krish

  • Moksh

  • Rishi

  • Fire

Bollywood Inspired Indian Baby Boy Names

While Bollywood scripts do not live up to Hindu scriptures, the only advantage of having a prolific film industry is the countless movie titles that hit screens.

  • Laksh

  • Moksh

  • Sajan

  • Samay

  • Siddh

  • Fire

Indian baby names in pop culture

Of The green knight Dev Patel star at Namesake‘s Kal Penn, these are the Indian names you might hear on the radio or see splashed across the screen.

  • Ari

  • Dev

  • Jaiden

  • Jay

  • Kalpen

  • Sai

  • Zayn

Photo credit: kate_sept2004 - Getty Images

Photo credit: kate_sept2004 – Getty Images

85 amazing Indian boy names to inspire you

Whatever the inspiration, one of these names could be perfect for your little one.

  1. Aaditya

  2. Aarav

  3. Ajay

  4. Akash

  5. Akhil

  6. Akshay

  7. Anand

  8. Anil

  9. Ari

  10. to nothing

  11. Arjun

  12. Armaan

  13. Arun

  14. At M

  15. avi

  16. Ayaan

  17. Bodhi

  18. Daksh

  19. Dev

  20. Eshaan

  21. Ishan

  22. Jahan

  23. Jaiden

  24. Jay

  25. Jiyan

  26. Kabire

  27. Kahan

  28. Kailash

  29. Kaiyen

  30. Kalpen

  31. Karam

  32. Karthik

  33. Kavish

  34. Kiaan

  35. Krish

  36. Kriyan

  37. Laksh

  38. Manav

  39. Milan

  40. Mivan

  41. Mohan

  42. Moksh

  43. Nayan

  44. Neeraj

  45. Nikhil

  46. Nirmay

  47. Nichan

  48. Nitin

  49. Niyam

  50. Ohm

  51. Ovi

  52. Part

  53. Pavane

  54. Priyam

  55. Rajiv

  56. Rajveer

  57. Revan

  58. Ridhan

  59. Rishi

  60. Rithvik

  61. Riyan

  62. Rohan

  63. Rudra

  64. Sachin

  65. Sahil

  66. Sai

  67. Sajan

  68. Samardh

  69. Samay

  70. Sanjay

  71. Sayan

  72. Shaan

  73. Shikhar

  74. Siddh

  75. Sohum

  76. Tej

  77. Vardan

  78. Fire

  79. Vihan

  80. Vikram

  81. Vimal

  82. Viraj

  83. Yash

  84. Zayn

  85. Zian

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