Tiger Woods: “Bond” film buff, a Buddhist and a stint in the Stanford classroom: Tiger Woods, far from the headlines

Tiger Woods, billed as one of the world’s most talented golfers and one of the popular sporting icons of the 21st century, is now one year older. After nearly ten months of the tragic car accident in which the 46-year-old was seriously injured, he recently returned to the golf course to compete in the PNC father-son championship at the Ritz Carlton.

Paired with his son Charlie, the return of the golf pro has delighted golf enthusiasts. Woods’ triumphant career and eventful personal life have often made headlines. However, there are still some interesting facts about the 46-year-old that you may not know.

To begin with, the name ‘Tiger’ was his nickname, given to him by his father. He was inspired by the comrade in arms and acquaintance of his father, who was popularly called by the same name. Decades later, the world’s most famous tiger is none other than Tiger Woods.

Woods was raised as a Buddhist by his Thai mother, and he actively practiced the religion as a child. Woods practiced meditation and had gone to the temple with his mother. However, the aspect of Buddhism that appeals to him the most is inner growth through spirituality. Woods fell back on his religion after his near-death accident.

Besides his sportsmanship, Woods also has great calligraphy. The golfer loves to write and was a columnist from 1997 to 2011 for Golf Digest Magazine. In 2001, his book ‘How I Play Golf’ sold 1.5 million copies.

Aside from his infamous accident, which resulted in his infidelity being revealed, Woods has previously been arrested for being under the influence of alcohol and suspected of speeding. However, a breathalyzer later revealed he had no alcohol in his body. Woods later said in a statement that he was actually having “an unexpected reaction to prescribed medication.” The golfer, however, took the opportunity to thank the police for doing their duty and apologized.

On the lighter side, Woods is a Bond movie buff. His favorite films include “Caddyshack”, “48 Hours” and of course all the Bond films. His favorite music is mainly that of the group U2 and Boyz II Men. He is also a fan of Janet Jackson.

In 1995, he began studying economics at Stanford University on a golf scholarship and was named “Stanford Male Freshman of the Year”.

The word “Tigerproofing” was introduced into golfing vocabulary because when Woods burst onto the scene, he brought with him a new style of golf. No one before Woods could reach the distance he covered. Many courses had to add yardage to their tees to reduce the advantage of long hitters like Woods, known as “Tigerproofing.”

Woods, who has left an indelible mark on golf courses and in the hearts of his fans, said in an interview last month that a full return to the sport was unlikely for him. “I think something realistic is playing the tour someday, never full time, never again,” said the 46-year-old golfer.

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