Turkish occupation of Cyprus destroys Christian culture

28/05/2022 Cyprus (International Christian Concern) – The Turkish invasion of the island of Cyprus led to the destruction of the ancient Christian and Cypriot culture. The NATO country has occupied the EU-member island nation since 1974. Some 40,000 Turkish troops remain in the northern part of the country after Turkey established the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

Cyprus was a Greek-majority nation with a deep Greek Orthodox and Christian heritage. Since the Turkish invasion, Greek Cypriots have fled their homes and churches in the north. Christian cemeteries and churches have been converted into mosques and various businesses while other religious monuments have been vandalized or destroyed.

Spyros Hadjigregoriou, a 90-year-old Greek Cypriot citizen, died in November 2021. Although he died in his native Cyprus, he was deprived of his last wish, to be buried in his native village of Gerolakkos. Hadjigregoriou, like many Cypriots, spent years trying to get permission to visit his native village and be allowed to be buried in his home. His requests have been regularly refused. He regularly advocated for peace and promoted community in his area. Hadjigregoriou visited the requested burial site and discovered that the majority of the headstones were no longer there, after years of neglect and vandalism.

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