Twitter submits compliance to new IT rules


Twitter told the Delhi High Court on Friday that as of August 4, it had appointed a Compliance Officer (CCO) and a Resident Grievance Officer (RGO), as required by the 2021 rules on technology information (intermediate directives and digital code of ethics).

Senior lawyer Sajan Poovaya appearing for Twitter said the officers have been appointed on a permanent basis.

Judge Rekha Palli checked with Additional Attorney General Chetan Sharma whether the IT rules had been observed. “Apparently your lordship,” replied the ASG, adding, “But we have to confirm. We will take the instructions. The case was published on August 10.

Twitter made the appointments after being arrested by the Court which had warned the company against a “serious non-compliance” with the new IT rules. Judge Rekha Palli responded to Twitter’s affidavit at the last hearing, which said he had appointed “casual workers” through a third-party contractor. “What is this kind of compliance? How can you get a temp worker through a third party contractor? Your affidavit says “we will endeavor to name …” Are you serious? Is your business making so much money that the Center says so and you say we will make an effort to comply with the laws? Said Judge Palli.

The ASG, which in a previous hearing had pointed out that Twitter was no longer eligible for safe harbor immunity from prosecution, claimed that the microblogging site is showing “non-compliance. repeated by nuanced terminologies ”and plays for time. “Twitter has generated over $ 7 million in revenue and yet they are floundering to appoint officers as required by law,” Sharma said.

In his submission to the Court’s inquiry at the last hearing into what Twitter has done so far to comply with the new IT rules, the company’s Deputy General Counsel and Vice President (Legal) Jim Baker, told the court that he had, as of July 6, appointed a CCO and RGO as casual workers through a third-party contractor and posted a job offer for a CCO, RGO as well as a nodal contact person as direct employees. Twitter said it is in the process of setting up a liaison office which will be its permanent physical contact address in India.

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