Two stripped sisters assaulted for not paying back their loan

Sarjapur Police arrested a man and his son for allegedly stripping and assaulting two sisters in Neriga village on Sunday to recover the loan proceeds.

Shanthi Priya and Bhanu Priya were admitted to hospital and later filed a complaint, based on which the defendants were arrested.

In her complaint, Shanthi Priya said that they had borrowed from the accused Ramakrishna for the education of their children. Due to financial problems, the duo failed to repay and they assured Ramakrishna and his son Sunil Kumar, in front of the village elders, that they would sell their land.

On Sunday, the accused returned home and began demanding money, accusing the sisters of failing to arrange the sale of the land. Heated arguments ensued and in the melee, Ramakrishna and Sunil allegedly stripped and assaulted the sisters as villagers watched, police said. The accused threatened the sisters with serious consequences if they lodged a complaint with the police.

Ramakrishna and Sunil were charged with criminal harassment and criminal intimidation and taken into custody. Investigations by the police revealed that the sisters, over the past year, borrowed personal loans worth ₹90 lakh from 11 people, including elderly people, promising to give interest rates. higher interest. Many people have lent their savings anticipating good interest. The sisters had promised everyone they would sell the ancestral property to return their money, but began avoiding them, police said.

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