UAE and Saudi Arabia seek extradition of 19 Indian nationals

They were allegedly involved in criminal matters in both countries.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia have requested the extradition of 19 Indian nationals for their alleged involvement in criminal cases in the two countries. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has filed three First Information Reports (FIRs) in this regard.

According to the first FIR, the UAE sent an extradition request for 15 Indian nationals in connection with 13 cases reported in 2018-19. The FIR says: “In all but one of these cases (murder case against Sattar Khan), the alleged offense is the issuance of bad check / embezzlement of money by the defendants who are all Indian nationals .”

The United Arab Emirates, according to the second FIR, has also requested the extradition of a certain Rajaneesh Das, wanted for embezzlement and breach of trust. He and two other people allegedly caused a loss of AED 1,532,558 to a company.

In the third case, Saudi authorities requested the extradition of Abdul Samad Kamaluddin, Aneesh Somapalan and Abdul Rahuman for alleged breach of trust. They were accused of stealing money and leaving the country illegally.

A Saudi citizen, Rashid Ammash Alami, had filed a complaint saying he left SAR 300,000 for the three defendants, who fled the country with the money.

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