Video booking of 2 boys discussing Islam, survey reveals they are Hindus and minors | Agra News


Agra: Two boys in Aligarh who were allegedly discussing “converting to Islam” in a video that went viral were arrested by police under an unsecured section of the Indian Penal Code for “promoting enmity between classes ”. An investigation later revealed that the two boys were minors and belonged to the Hindu community.
Their families, shocked by the FIR against them, said the boys were grade 12 students and engaged in a “friendly debate” and that “someone complained unnecessarily”.
The FIR was recorded against the boys in the video under section 505 (statements creating or promoting enmity, hatred or ill will between the classes) of the IPC, an unbonded section, in the post of Sasni gate police on Monday. The case was filed after the video went viral and a local BJP member approached police.
In his complaint, Ram Gopal said: “I saw a video in which a boy threatens Hindus and asks them to convert to Islam. The video has created anger among people and the content can create religious enmity. ”
In the video, a masked boy on his bicycle poses as a Muslim and another is a Hindu. Police investigation later revealed that the boys in the video were minors. “They belong to the same community,” Circle officer Raghvendra Kumar said, adding that they had not been arrested because they were minors and “legal proceedings are underway on this matter”.
The families of the two boys said they were taken aback by how quickly the case had escalated. The uncle of one of the boys, a member of the BJP from Hathras, said it was a “friendly debate” between them which had been misinterpreted. “They would come back from their coaching lessons and discuss things. We’re going to approach the police because the boys didn’t mean harm, ”said the uncle.

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