Wayanad tribal panchayat health center on the national radar

Noolpuzha FHC selected for national quality assurance certification for the second time

Noolpuzha FHC selected for national quality assurance certification for the second time

Noolpuzha Family Health Center (FHC), which handles health care for the second largest tribal grama panchayat in the state, has been selected for the National Quality Assurance Certification (NQAC) process for the second time consecutive.

The state government upgraded the healthcare facility to FHC in 2017. Since then, the hospital has been doing well in patient care, scoring 93% in the National Standards Assessment of quality assurance (NQAS) carried out by a group of two members. team of experts from the Ministry of Health and Family.

The hospital has achieved the highest accolade for meeting quality standards in service delivery, cleanliness, maintenance, and inpatient and outpatient care. A health facility had to pass more than 6,500 quality checkpoints to secure the honor, said vice president Dahar Mohammed, a doctor at the hospital. The Hindu.

Facilities abound

“We have set up various facilities for patients under the Noolpuzha grama panchayat with the support of the civic body. Among the projects in place are Gothra Sparsham, a comprehensive tribal health care project, and Pratheekhsha, a project to provide pre and postpartum health care facilities for tribal women,” said Dr Dahar. .

An e-health program has also been set up for which the grama panchayat has appointed a qualified engineer as an e-health technical engineer to maintain a server set up for this purpose. An electric rickshaw facility is also available at the hospital free of charge to pick up and drop off elderly patients living within a three kilometer radius of the hospital. Elderly corners have been set up under a huge banyan tree on site so that the elderly can spend free time together. A television set has also been installed in the neighborhood for them.


A physiotherapy unit, dental department, gymnasium and fitness center were also established. There is also a telemedicine center, making the services of specialist doctors available to patients by videoconference.

No less than 13 public hospitals in the state have also been selected for recognition this year, including two new hospitals.

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