What is the spiritual significance of the November new moon? An astrologer explains


You don’t want to sleep on the transformative power of this lunar moment. Read on for the scoop on the significance of the November 2021 new moon so you know how to align with its spiritual vibe. What is the spiritual significance of the November new moon?

While Halloween just passed as this new moon peaks on November 4, this lunation will actually extend some of the spooky vibes of the season. This is because the annual new moon in Scorpio is sometimes known as “Lunar Samhain” – a reference to the witchy celebration of Samhain (which usually takes place on Halloween). During this pagan holiday, the “veil” between the world of the deceased and the living is believed to be thinner and more penetrable, so many people take this opportunity to connect with the spirit realm and honor their ancestors. Because the December new moon will be an eclipse (which is not considered a good time to practice moon magic), this is also our last good chance to do a new moon manifestation for the rest. of the year – so take this chance! Allow time to align with your deepest desires and consciously set personal intentions by writing them down, creating a vision board, or saying them out loud as you light a candle. Diving into deep meditation or performing a wizarding new moon ritual are two great ways to harness this intense and mystical energy as well. And thanks to the strong influence of the fiery planet Mars on this lunation – Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars, and the moon will align with Mars just before its peak – we will be highly motivated to pursue our goals and find ways to reach our destinations.

New moons are always a good time for introspection, as the darkness of the sky symbolizes the lack of exterior lighting – which encourages us to seek answers and ideas from within rather than from external sources. This aspect of the new moon is still powerful this month, as the energy of the Scorpio zodiac is all about exploring our deepest emotions and finding out what is hidden. Time alone is really important in this new moon, so try to let go of distractions and forgo any social events that might distract you from your feelings. Lunar energy can help strengthen your intuition and spiritual sense of connection, making it ideal for coming into contact with your true emotions and the fears that lurk beneath the surface of your life. Once you shed light on the darker parts of yourself, you have a chance to heal and transform those things, turning them into strength.

How to Work With the Energy of the November New Moon That said, the November New Moon is a significant time to look within and become real with your dark side. Instead of resisting the unknown and fearing the inevitable cycle of death and rebirth, now is the time to fully embrace the darker parts of your psyche and try to turn your pain into power. Allow yourself to explore your most existential thoughts and give credit to any intuitive messages you may perceive. Because the new moon will form a perfect opposing aspect to the unpredictable planet Uranus, there will also be all kinds of cosmic upheaval in store for us – providing the perfect opportunity to practice standing in our spiritual strength while within us. giving up to the universal flow.

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