Will trash cans return to Tiruchi?

Many newly elected councilors had promised voters that the bins would be restored

Many newly elected councilors had promised voters that the bins would be restored

Tiruchi Corporation is considering the possibility of reintroducing trash cans in public places.

The move gains significance as several newly elected members of the Society urge the civic body to bring the bins back.

Under the new solid waste management policy of 2016, the Tiruchi Corporation started removing trash cans from public places about four years ago. There were about 1,150 bins in different places and they were gradually removed one after another. The compactors, which were kept in prominent places, were also removed. With the removal of all trash cans, the city became one of the cities that abolished trash cans in 2019.

Prior to the removal of trash cans, the civic body introduced door-to-door collection of biodegradable and non-degradable garbage. Residents were asked to hand over household waste only to garbage collectors. The Society subsequently prohibited residents from dumping waste in open areas. He then announced that those who fail to comply with the new rubbish collection rules will be fined.

Although the initiative received a good response from residents living in developed and well-organized settlements, it received a mixed response from those living in densely populated areas and urban slums. Some of the population, who used to throw garbage in the garbage cans of their respective neighborhoods, continued to throw garbage in these places, although the garbage cans were removed. In addition, local residents complain that since the removal of the bins, health workers refuse to pick up tree foliage and branches from roadside trees that have been cut by Tangedco workers.

Several candidates, during the election campaign, had promised voters to restore the garbage cans if they were elected to the council of the Corporation.

Mayor M. Anbazhagan told T he hindu that the removal of bins had not been welcomed by residents of densely populated areas. Many of them were not sufficiently aware of the need to avoid littering in the open air. Therefore, the Society would explore the possibility of bringing the bins back, he said.

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